School News

Students collect books for damaged schools


Though Valley Stream’s school buildings fared well after Hurricane Sandy, that wasn’t the case everywhere on Long Island. Several schools in Oceanside, Island Park, East Rockaway, Long Beach and other coastal communities suffered significant damage.

Teachers lost their classrooms and with it, all their supplies. Many lost book collections that took years to build. That’s why students in Valley Stream District 13 are trying to help. The student councils at each of the four elementary schools are collecting books to donate to those schools where everything was lost.

“Those children need educations, too, and without materials like books they can’t learn,” said Michael Ott, the Student Council president at Wheeler Avenue School. “If we were in a time like this, we’d want other schools to give us books so we could learn.”

Michael and Vice President Isabella Chungata, along with their counterparts at the James A. Dever, Howell Road and Willow Road schools, have been encouraging their classmates to bring in new or slightly used books. Michael donated two books himself, and Isabella said she will soon bring in some books she has finished reading.

Superintendent Dr. Adrienne Robb-Fund said she learned of the need and decided it would be a good project for the student councils. “I think everyone wants to help the people in the impacted areas,” she said, “and this is a more personal way because they know the books are going to other kids.”