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Two teens arrested in Valley Stream auto repair shop robbery


Two teenage boys were arrested police said, after they reportedly grabbed $340 out of the shirt pocket of an auto repair shop owner in Valley Stream after a verbal argument over the pair’s refusal to pay their repair bill.

On May 20, two boys, aged 16 and 17, were reportedly retrieving a vehicle that had been repaired at an auto repair shop on North Corona Avenue. When the 17 year old allegedly refused to pay the bill, police said the shop owner, 27, confronted him as the boy attempted to get in his vehicle. As he was doing so the boy reportedly pushed the owner and grabbed $340 out of his shirt pocked and the two teens drove off. The owner was not injured.

Police later found their vehicle stopped at the intersection of Dutch Broadway and East Gate in Elmont, and arrested the two suspects. Police said they found a switchblade knife on the 17 year old.

Both teens were charged with second-degree robbery and the 17 year old was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. Both were arraigned on May 21.