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Valley Streamer opens Cedar Street little library


Valley Stream resident Tina Rodriguez-Correa recently installed a little free library outside of her Cedar Street home, and is inviting anyone interested to come visit, borrow a book and share one of their own.

Called Tina’s Sharing Library, the little box is located at 115 Cedar Street, and Rodriguez-Correa said she is hoping it develops a diverse catalog of books as people come and share.

“I’m an avid book reader and would want to buy tons of books from the Scholastic book fairs, but it wasn’t always possible in a single-parent household,” she said of her childhood. “I’m hoping people feel comfortable browsing and borrowing books even if they are not able to leave a book. I also want kids to feel comfortable keeping the book if they absolutely love it.”

Little libraries involve people exchanging books when they come visit, donating one and taking one out in order to keep the library’s catalog varied and stocked.