Village art students show off their work


Students of the village’s acrylic-on-canvas painting class once again had the chance to show off their works at a gallery reception on Jan. 10 at the Hendrickson Park Community Center.

The paintings were the end product of self-taught artist and instructor Matthew Khan’s 10-week beginner and intermediate acrylic classes taught through the village of Valley Stream, and he said “The results speak for themselves.”

“Often people have wanted to paint their entire lives, but are afraid of the judgment factor,” Khan explained. “In our classroom we all help each other. I’m even learning myself.”

Khan said that while he is still working out some details, the classes will continue in the spring, and using what he has learned through teaching since he initiallly began teaching the courses in June, will shift to a more workshop-focused format in which beginner students bring their own subject matter to paint.


To sign up visit There is a fee and non-residents are welcome.