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Village to hold hearing Feb. 10 on two local laws


 The village board of trustees has scheduled a public hearing for Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. in Village Hall to gather input ahead of a vote to approve two local laws.

The first would amend the village’s tree-removal law passed in October to include language requiring tree-removal contractors operating in the Valley Stream to obtain a license from the village. The second would formalize the title position of secretary to the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library board.

Mayor Ed Fare said the amendment to the village’s tree law, which tasked property owners with the maintenance of trees on their property or otherwise risk a fine, is intended to ensure the safe removal of trees that may pose a hazard to people and property.

“Licensing tree removal companies is an added level of protection for our citizens,” Fare said. “These companies perform dangerous work, and by licensing them we can be assured that they carry proper insurance and all the necessary requirements to do work on behalf of Valley Streamers.” 

 Additionally, the village is seeking to create a law that would formalize the position of secretary to its library board, which is a five-member body legally responsible for setting library policy, goals and overseeing its management. 

The law would create an official title of secretary to allow Henry Waldinger to meet Nassau County Civil Service requirements, according to Library Director Mamie Eng.

 In October, Eng said that after the library board held several discussions with the Nassau County Civil Service Commission, it was determined that the Waldinger library board’s secretary was improperly classified as a clerk-typist, and the correct title should be secretary.

 Under the parameters of the new law, the secretary would continue to work 54 to 60 hours a year compiling board minutes and correspondence, at a rate of compensation of $27 an hour. 

 “Although the library by-laws had been amended to include a secretary, Nassau County Civil Service required that the village board adopt a public law to authorize the library board to appoint the secretary to the library board,” Eng said. “[If] the law is adopted and paperwork is processed, the current board [clerk-typist] will then be transferred to the correct civil service title of secretary to the library board.”


Peter Belfiore contributed to this story.