Green jobs initiative at Jones Beach


Throughout the summer, the Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center – located at 150 Bay Parkway – hosts a number of events throughout the summer which are intended to be both fun and informative for the local communities. These events make going to the beach an educating experience rather than just a relaxing one.

On June 16, the Energy and Nature Center hosted United Ways “Power Up!” program. This program is intended to offer job training for those interested in working in the renewable energy field. The Center’s Director, Jeanne Haffner, leads these visits and uses the Center’s architecture, building technologies, exhibits, and surrounding landscape as a window into sustainable design. In particular, the Center’s Energy Efficient House exhibit was used in this training.

“This program is part of our commitment to connecting people to green jobs and job training,” Center Director Jeanne Haffner said. “As an educational center, our mission is to serve the public, and this is one way we fulfill that mission.”

According to Haffner, the goal of this specific training session is to give students/prospective workers hands-on job training in renewable energy technology.

The June 16 event was attended by over 20 students, all taught by teacher Stephen Muzyka. This was relatively strong attendance for the event, and as a result, it is set to continue as a regular series done at the Energy and Nature Center by United Way.