Rockville Centre celebrates Pride


In celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, members of the RVC Pride community gathered on Saturday afternoon to host the second annual Pride Caravan through the Village of Rockville Centre.

Established in 2022, RVC Pride is an organization dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ visibility, rights and acceptance in the Rockville Centre community. Its primary goal is to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone can express themselves freely and authentically.

Rev. Scott A. Ressman, the pastor of United Church in Rockville Centre, said that since the organization was founded, it has started to grow in numbers while spreading its message of acceptance and inclusivity throughout the community.

The United Church of Rockville Centre is recognized as an open and affirming congregation. This designation reflects its continued commitment to intentional study and conversation about what it means to be a welcoming faith for the LGBTQ+ community.

Created and coordinated by the RVC Pride organizing committee — which consists of Rev. Ressman, Karin Johnson, Lori Dunne and Emma Travers — the annual Pride Caravan celebrates the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community in the village.

“There are a lot of thumbs up. There’s a lot of good vibes to go along. There may be one or two individuals that won’t be too excited about seeing you and they might send a different kind of gesture your way. That happened last year as well. Just wave to them and wish them well,” Ressman said, before the caravan was ready to depart from the church. “If you participated last year, you now how encouraging it was to go through this community and to feel that expression of love and support. We expect that to be multiplied this year.”

This year, in the spirit of its shared commitment to visibility and acceptance, more than 45 people participated, decorating 20 different vehicles with colorful flags and slogans.

The caravan was met with enthusiastic reception from the community. People waved flags, honked their horns, waved and cheered as the colorful procession made its way along its nine-mile route through village.

“The overwhelmingly positive reception as the caravan moved through the village inspired hope and brought affirmation to the LGBTQ+ community,” Ressman said. “We were especially pleased that so many in our community took the time to celebrate and show support, particularly for LGBTQ+ youth who often face negative messaging. We remain committed to fostering a community that celebrates diversity and look forward to continuing our efforts.”

In the spirit of its mission, RVC Pride plans on organizing several more activities throughout the year, to help foster connections and encourage acceptance. The organization is committed to creating lasting change and nurturing an inclusive community that embraces love, equality and diversity.

For more information about the organization, the 2024 Pride Caravan and any future events, visit