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Seaford Harbor students find the joy in poetry


Kindergartners are becoming immersed in all different types of poetry in Brooke DeSanto’s class at Seaford Harbor Elementary School.

The poetry unit kicked off with students writing an acrostic poem for Valentine’s Day, writing a line that begins with each letter in “love bug.” Students then attached their poems to a love bug craft, made with their handprints, as a gift for their parents.

Students wrote their poems while wearing plastic glasses so they could “see the world through the lens of a poet,” DeSanto said. In the coming weeks, they will be putting those glasses back on to explore different types of poetry, from haikus to rhyming poems, and writing their own original pieces.

DeSanto added that children are understanding the differences between stories and poems, as well as learning new sight words.

Provided by the Seaford School District. Compiled by Brian Stieglitz.