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Protest march in Cedarhurst on Sunday


The Village of Cedarhurst has confirmed that there will be an organized protest march in the village on Sunday. Participants will gather at Andre J. Parise Cedarhurst Park at 2 p.m., and roughly 10 minutes later begin walking from the park to Central Avenue.

According to the organizers, Shua Auerbach and Lina Mavruk, the marchers will be silent along Central Avenue sidewalks, then turn onto Rockaway Turnpike where chanting is encouraged. The march will turn onto Peninsula Boulevard then head to  Cedarhurst Avenue and end in the park around 3:30 p.m.

“Despite residents claiming it’s a ‘hoax’ and ‘illegal,’ we have covered all bases with the mayor of Cedarhurst and NCPD and it is 100 percent happening,” Mavruk posted on Facebook on Friday. “No permits are necessary for what we are doing, so that is not a justifiable reason for anyone to assume this is not legit. Please come out and support your community in this peaceful march for justice. We ask that you wear a mask, stay on the sidewalks at all times (avoiding the streets and private property), and if you bring a sign please make sure there are no sticks or handles attached to it. Hope to see you all Sunday!”

Cedarhurst officials said that the mayors of Cedarhurst and Lawrence, along with the 4th Precinct, the Nassau County police commissioner’s office and the Office of Homeland Security spoke with Auerbach and Mavruk, residents of both villages.

It is expected that there will be 30 to 50 demonstrators, who are recent high school graduates and they have promised to hold a “peaceful demonstration in support of the right of free speech,” Cedarhurst village officials stated in a news release.

County police will escort the march to help ensure there is no interference with pedestrians or vehicular traffic. The organizers were told that their right to assemble will be respected. However, any change from the original plan, misbehavior or illegal act will results in immediate action.

Participants have been advised that, while their right to assemble will be respected, any deviation from the plan, or any misconduct or violation of law will result in immediate legal action, Cedarhurst officials stated.