28 Bellmore-Merrick Central squads named Scholar-Athlete teams


            Calhoun High School football and lacrosse star Griffin Miller attends the athletes’ after-school study hall daily before practice. No exceptions. He finishes 45 minutes of homework, grabs a late pass and dashes to practice, after which he sits down to two to three hours of studies at home. Taking a battery of Advanced Placement and Honors classes, the junior has a 98 average and is already committed to play at Dartmouth.

            Ben Rabinowitz is Kennedy High School’s 2014 valedictorian, with a 99 average and nine A.P. classes on his transcript, and he was a captain of the school’s soccer team and an All-County honorable mention player. His coach, Jason Elias, insists that his players attend study hall, even Rabinowitz.

            Mepham High School senior Chris Durkin’s class schedule is also loaded with A.P. and Honors classes. Like Miller, he is a football/lacrosse star and attends the after-school study hall daily when competing. When Durkin arrives home, he showers, wolfs down dinner and gets right to his studies, he said. He has a 97 average and was recently selected as one of the “Golden 11,” representing Nassau County’s top 11 senior scholar-athletes in football.

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