Blueberry gets adopted

Malvernite John Egan was paging through the Herald two weeks ago when he inadvertently (he said), left the newspaper open to a story about a dog for adoption. “My wife said to me, ‘I guess we’re ready to get a dog,’ and I said, I don’t want any dog!” Egan recounted. He had just lost a dog last year during the Labor Day weekend, and wasn’t thinking about a replacement. “’Well, you left the paper open, so I’m calling,’” he recalled his wife saying.

Malverne JV basketball team goes undefeated

Malverne High School’s boys’ junior varsity basketball team announced last week that the team had an undefeated season — the first time in school history that has ever happened.

RVC surprised McDonald family with street sign

In one of her first public appearances since the death of her husband, New York City Police Detective Steven McDonald, Malverne Mayor Patti Ann McDonald presented a letter on a plaque to the …

Carcinogens in the water

Last week, state Sen. Todd Kaminsky filed legislation requiring the commissioner of the New York State Department of Health to study and regulate 1,4-dioxane, a chemical likely to be carcinogenic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Last year, the EPA released a report, citing dioxane was found in many water supply systems on Long Island.

Malverne Mel proclaims an early spring

Nearly 300 people gathered at Reese Park in Malverne on Groundhog Day to await their meteorological fate: would Malverne Mel predict an early spring?