Mangano team says evidence was withheld

Attorneys representing former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and his wife, Linda, have filed new court papers alleging that federal prosecutors withheld key evidence during their first trial that …

Fire rips through Sagamore Hill Visitor Center on Christmas Eve

Kelley Fuhrman, the superintendent at the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, the one-time Oyster Bay home of President Theodore Roosevelt, has seen many fires in his lifetime.

County reassessment is a taxing situation

Sea Cliff Village Administrator Bruce Kennedy described a Dec. 5 Nassau County hearing on property-tax reassessment as “a mob scene.” Hundreds of residents crowded the halls of the Theodore …

Legion ceremony honors the KIA veterans

In the 1970s, many college students wore Prison of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) bracelets. They were simple — nickel-plated or copper — engraved with the name, rank and date of those fighting …

A night of STEM learning

The excitement was contagious at Vernon Elementary School in East Norwich on Monday, and it was directed at activities that centered around hands-on activities to promote science, technology, …


Challenges ahead for Democratic Senate

As New York Democrats look ahead to two years of majority control of the State Senate — and the Assembly and the governor’s mansion — they should also remember the past and learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

Scott Brinton

Trump’s border wall math doesn’t add up

At least the federal government’s Santa tracker remained after a partial government shutdown last week, forced by President Trump’s stubborn insistence that Congress allocate $5 billion in funding for his wall to separate the United States and Mexico.

Randi Kreiss

Shut the door on 2018. Nail that sucker shut.

We aren’t so much leaping into the New Year as we are fleeing the old one.


Stamping out vaping among teens

Vaping gets its name from the cloud of water vapor that e-cigarettes produce, and it has become wildly popular among teenagers who believe it’s harmless. It’s not. In fact . . .