Village OK's $4.7 million in bond projects

The board of trustees voted on Feb. 6 to bond for several projects for the upcoming year.

Eye bank in Valley Stream helps restore patients’ sight

When Beverly Krouse went to her eye doctor in 2008, she was told she had cataracts and was referred to a specialist in Queens. The specialist then told Krouse, “This looks like it’s more than just cataracts,” and diagnosed her with Fuch’s endothelial dystrophy — a genetic condition that causes the cornea to swell, resulting in reduced vision.

At Valley Stream mosque, rabbis, congregants speak out against bias and discrimination

Leaders and congregants from several area synagogues visited Masjid Hamza Islamic Center of South Shore in Valley Stream on Feb. 3 to condemn religious discrimination in all its forms, and to disavow President Trump’s immigration order — which has since been halted by a temporary restraining order.

Valley Stream schools work to rid water supplies of lead

When some Valley Stream schools voluntarily tested their water supplies last year, they replaced or fixed any supplies that contained more than 20 parts per billion of lead per Environmental Protection Agency standards. Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill on Sept. 6, however, schools must retest water every five years for more than 15 ppb of lead.

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Village clerk retires early after offensive post

Village Clerk Bob Barra retired a day early on Jan. 26, after a public outcry in reaction to his Facebook post that the pro-choice marchers at the Women’s March on Washington “probably should have been aborted.”

Feb. 2 -8

The Year of the Rooster The Henry Waldinger Memorial Library will celebrate Chinese New Year on Saturday, Feb. 4 at 2:00 p.m.  The Valley Stream South High School Cultural Society will perform …