Five Freeporters vying for two Board of Trustee seats

Two Village Trustee seats are up for elections for the March 2019 Village Trustee elections — Deputy Mayor Jorge Martinez’s seat and William White’s seat. White took a seat on the …

Freeport Police Department honors officers

During the first 2019 Village of Freeport Board of Trustees meeting, the Freeport Police Department honored Freeport police officers and Nassau County Police Department officers for their continued …

Herald Neighbors

Breathing and flexibility through yoga

Sitting with her legs crossed in the center of the room, April Diane, a yoga instructor from Hempstead took a deep breath and instructed the yoga students primarily comprised of women to follow with another deep breath during the Freeport Memorial Library’s weekly yoga class on Dec. 18.

Geraldo Rivera meets De La Salle students

The all boy Freeport-based Catholic school, De La Salle School, welcomed Geraldo Rivera, journalist and talk show host, for its annual Christmas Luncheon held on Dec. 6 at the Engineers Country Club in Roslyn Harbor.

Herald Neighbors

Lunch with the sneaky menacing Grinch

Children were heard laughing and singing Christmas carols at Otto’s Sea Grill on Dec. 9 during the first year of Holiday Boutiques and Lunch with the Grinch events. Held on the Nautical Mile, …


Earth to America: Climate change is real

Among the most urgent issues of 2018 was, undoubtedly, the climate — as in the Earth’s temperature over time. It has slowly but steadily been rising for decades, in direct proportion to . . .

Scott Brinton

Trump’s border wall math doesn’t add up

At least the federal government’s Santa tracker remained after a partial government shutdown last week, forced by President Trump’s stubborn insistence that Congress allocate $5 billion in funding for his wall to separate the United States and Mexico.

Randi Kreiss

Shut the door on 2018. Nail that sucker shut.

We aren’t so much leaping into the New Year as we are fleeing the old one.


Stamping out vaping among teens

Vaping gets its name from the cloud of water vapor that e-cigarettes produce, and it has become wildly popular among teenagers who believe it’s harmless. It’s not. In fact . . .

Pathways to Education Excellence

Implementing technology initiatives for all students

Two decades ago, educators predicted technology as key in schools of the future and listed potential instructional shifts in education. While some predictions, such as no longer needing teachers or …