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Stories through photography

Flashing a toothy smile, Cailyn Harrison, 6, posed as her grandmother, Dorothy Harrison from Freeport, took a picture of her in front of a photograph of her eye taken by Robert Harrison, her …


Faces of Freeport’s immigrant past

The Freeport Historical Society celebrated Immigrant Heritage Month in June by featuring some of the people from Freeport’s history who were born outside the United …


A South Nassau trauma surgeon's daily routine is saving the lives of people on the brink of death

The following is Part One of an occasional series called “Working,” which will examine the lives of people on the job. It was inspired by Studs Terkel’s 1974 book, “Working: …

Woodward Children’s Center host graduation ceremony

It was a small ceremony, but there was a full house at the Woodward Children’s Center gymnasium on June 27. Graduates filled the front row, while their family members sat behind them cheering and …

Class of 2022 graduates from Dodd

.W. Dodd Middle School, celebrated the eighth-grade graduation ceremony on June 21. The program, held at Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School, included members of the board of education, …


Let's at least study gun violence

The mass shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md., on June 28 struck all of us at the Herald Community Newspapers hard. Five Gazette staff members are dead and two are wounded. These …

Randi Kreiss

On July Fourth, we were the Capital Gazette

The local community newspaper is a beautiful thing, the living, breathing spirit of democracy. It follows, therefore, that an assault on the press is a grievous attack on the freedoms we cherish.

Jerry Kremer

A new era in politics, or more of the same?

Since the beginning of this year, the media has been dominated by stories about corruption by public servants. There have been four headline-grabbing trials to date . . .

Alfonse D'Amato

U.S.-China relationship is reaching a critical point

A lot of attention is being paid these days to America’s relationship with China. And for good reason, because China must decide whether it will be a partner to the U.S. or an adversary.


Tunnel plan not so grand for North Shore

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is moving forward with plans to build a tunnel from Oyster Bay to Westchester County, which he said is vital to alleviate traffic congestion in the greater New York City area, …