A photographer is reborn in retirement

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He also enjoys photographing people at offbeat events: the Coney Island mermaid procession, the Greenwich Village Halloween parade, the United Ink Summer Vibe Tattoo Festival at Nassau Coliseum.

Most of all, Tepfer said, he loves to photograph fireworks. He likes to spend the Fourth of July in Brooklyn, where he documents the fireworks extravaganzas that illuminate New York Harbor. He has become so well known for his fireworks photography that companies hire him to document their displays. Planning a single shoot, which requires a high degree of technical expertise, takes months.

Tepfer sells his photos on his website, KarlTepfer.com, attracting buyers from as far away as Norway, Iraq and Japan. “I have a big following in Australia, for some strange reason,” he said with a laugh. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Cutaneous Lymphoma Society. Tepfer can also be found on Facebook at KarlTepferPhotography.

Not a day goes by when he does not shoot pictures. “I’m out every day,” he said.

It is, one might say, an ideal retirement.

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