Bellmore-Merrick leaders look to year ahead


Bellmore-Merrick’s elected officials on the county and state levels agreed that their duties would go beyond work in legislative session in the new year. All said that helping district residents recover from the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy would be a priority in 2013.

Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg, Assemblyman Dave McDonough and State Sen. Charles Fuschillo Jr., all from Merrick, said they witnessed the destruction that the Oct. 29 storm caused in their hometown and other areas that they represent. Ever since, all said they have advocated for their constituents and done what they can to help them receive the assistance they need.

Lending a hand after Sandy

After the storm, Denenberg created a Disaster Response Task Force, which was formed to develop a strategic plan to address the failures that local communities experienced in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The group, chaired by North and Central Merrick Civic Association President Claudia Borecky, has appeared before the Moreland Commission on Utility Storm Preparation and Response and will form a comprehensive plan to ensure that a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy would “never again wreak havoc on our communities,” Borecky said.

The legislator noted that aside from forming the task force, he has also held disaster relief and preventive seminars to educate the public about aid that is available to them. Denenberg said he is committed to ensuring that those impacted by the storm receive the insurance or disaster-relief benefits that they are entitled to as the recovery process continues.

“I want to continue to help people recover from Hurricane Sandy,” he said. “I also want to help them find and deal with contractors so they can get back into their homes. I’d like to see that happen [so people can get] back to normal sometime in the spring.”

McDonough, whose district office is in Bellmore, said he also expects the Sandy recovery process to continue on Long Island into the spring of 2013 and beyond.

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