Bellmore-Merrick schools react to Sandy Hook shooting

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Arnold Goldstein, the North Bellmore superintendent, explained that visitors must be buzzed into all five of the district’s buildings and that there are security cameras in the main offices. He said district officials regularly meet and update safety plans and would continue to do so after the Sandy Hook massacre.

“We’re always looking for ways to make sure our students are safe,” he said. “We will do all we can.”

The other elementary district leaders, –– Dr. Joseph Famularo of Bellmore, Dr. Dominick Palma of Merrick and David Feller of North Merrick, –– also noted in their letters to parents that protecting students is among their top priorities. All Bellmore-Merrick superintendents confirmed that mental health specialists, psychologists and staff were and would continue to be available to students who are having a difficult time coping with the news.

Palma was just one district leader to outline parental resources to use when speaking with their children about the tragedy. He said while it is impossible for anyone to make sense of the unthinkable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the community must find strength during difficult times, now and in the future.

“As a parent, my heart breaks for those who lost their child or other loved ones,” he said. “As a psychologist and educator, I am troubled by the lasting impact this will have on the survivors.”

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