Letter to the Editor

Keep Kenny at Carey


To the Editor:

Assistant Principal John Kenny is key to H. Frank Carey High School. Years ago, when my children were in Washington Street School, we saw many incidents involving gangs and drug dealers at Carey. My children would come home and tell me about how the police were at Carey again, and that they saw them from the windows or while they were outside during recess.

It was Mr. Kenny, himself, who would stand on the corner of Washington Street to deter these problems and incidents from occurring — keeping our children, the schools and the neighborhood safe. Carey has not had the issues it used to due to the involvement of Mr. Kenny. Should we lose him to a transfer, we hate to wonder what will happen without him here. Also, his transfer would leave Carey with just two assistant principals carrying his workload of two additional grades of students that he currently oversees.

We do not want to see all of those students getting lost in an overload. Our children deserve to be kept safe in an environment that has been made safe by Mr. Kenny. Why should the smallest school in the district have two assistant principals and leave Carey, which is the second largest, with the same amount? All this, as two of the other schools in the district will have three assistant principals?

We — and our children — deserve more! They deserve to have things remain the way they are.  

Dana De Leo

Franklin Square