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  The APPLE Plan is the cure to the Common Core. It’s a comprehensive initiative composed by my Republican colleagues and me after numerous meetings with parents, administrators and school districts throughout New York. The plan would place a two-year delay on the implementation of Common Core, create an independent teacher panel to amend the curriculum so that it benefits our kids, and would gradually phase it in by grade, among other things. As many parents, educators and students know all too well, the Common Core curriculum does the exact opposite of its stated intentions. The flawed program hurts our children and forces stressful, mandatory testing on them.

  Unsurprisingly, the Assembly’s Democratic majority has refused to consider the APPLE Plan — they recently voted down our proposal as an amendment. Instead they watered down the bill, leaving out necessary reforms to our educational system in New York. I voted for the bill that passed, A8929, because it contains some improvements — but not all the reforms necessary to Common Core.

I am deeply disappointed that the Assembly Democrats refused to support legislation that would have truly reformed Common Core and our educational system. It would have been a home run for our children, parents and educators. Even more troubling is that they renominated three out of four Board of Regents incumbents. Selecting these Regents to continue their service will exacerbate the problem. I opposed their renomination due to their failed rollout and botched implementation of Common Core — it hurts too many children, families and educators. Instead, I supported a slate of five non-incumbents with impeccable qualifications. Although they were not approved, I will continue working tirelessly to hold the incumbent Regents accountable for Common Core.

Only by doing this and implementing the APPLE Plan will we move education in New York state forward. The Assembly Democratic majority must come to understand that it’s only through reform that we can make progress.

Brian Curran
State assemblyman, District 21

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