Mepham musicians show their talents


Sean Gaffney, Mike Striano, Tom LoFaso, Nick Martinez, Logan Abrams and Ryan Chand, seniors at Wellington C. Mepham High School in North Bellmore, were not in a band together before preparing for “Mepham’s Got Talent.” But when they realized that this would be their last chance to take the stage for the annual talent show, James and the Giant Peaches was born.

Erica Wagner, the senior class adviser who organized the show, said their decision led them to take home first place at the event. “They decided to play together for a last hurrah for their senior year, and it paid off,” she said.

Dozens of other students also decided to show their school their musical abilities at “Mepham’s Got Talent” on April 11.

Wagner said she has run the talent show for the past eight years. She explained that this year’s event featured musicians exclusively, although students have performed dance acts in the past as well. She said James and the Giant Peaches were unique because they were a full band.

Although Wagner is the senior class adviser, she said that she reaches out to the faculty advisers of each class and their student officers to get involved and assist with the organization and execution of the event. She said that by reaching out to students in different grade levels and getting different people involved, the evening becomes memorable for all at Mepham.

“The talent show event is a combined effort,” she said. “It allows all students at any given grade level to share their talents with the community.”