Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor, Week of Oct. 11


Way too much Halloween gore

To the Editor:

The 2012 Halloween season is now upon us, with beautifully decorated shops and homes. However, it is evident that certain homeowners have gone way too far with their displays.

What I see is an increasing number of horror shows on front lawns for all to see. Dismembered body parts, bloodied babies, scenes of torture, etc. These displays are not what one would consider G-rated.

What are these homeowners thinking about? One of these homes is a block away from an elementary school.

I’m not one to try to curtail anyone’s right to celebrate the holiday, but how about putting these figures in the back yard, not on public view?

I shudder to think what the reaction of the town would be if anyone dared display a nude figure on their lawn, depicting Adam or Eve. That would surely bring the town’s wrath, but how about the same for this?

Kathleen Connolly

Rockville Centre

We won’t be fooled again

To the Editor:

Regarding Jerry Kremer’s column “How in the world would Republicans move us forward?” (Sept. 20-26): I agree, given the mess President Obama has put us in, that it’s tough, but they can do it. In fact, they’re our only hope.

Kremer wrote that the Republicans in Congress have held up all that the Democrats are trying to do. Luckily. When Obama was elected, he had a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate and passed everything he wanted, including Obamacare, which went against what most Americans wanted. His policies are the reason the recession has worsened — and the reason Republicans won so many seats back in 2010. So thank goodness Republicans aren’t pushing through the president’s socialistic ideologies.

Obama would like us to believe that Republicans are solely responsible for our economic situation, and that if we “give them back the keys,” it will be worse. But he’s not giving the American people enough credit. The media is hiding the facts along with anything negative about the president, as are Kremer and his colleagues at the Herald, but statistic don’t lie.

President Bush kept Americans safe, and people were working under his administration. That is, until the Democrats took over the House and Senate in 2006, causing the decline just in time for Obama to win in 2008. The American people won’t be fooled again. We believed in hope and change, we gave him a chance, but now things are worse.

As for Kremer’s comment about hoping the Republican party will go back to being fair-minded, I think they’re too fair. It’s time for the Democrats to stop helping Obama turn our country from a free democracy, that so many fought for, into a socialistic nation. People like Kremer are supporting him simply because he has a D next to his name, regardless of what he stands for and what is best for our country.

Amanda Bila