Letter to the Editor

Sign off on new FEMA flood maps


To the Editor:

Recently we have been made aware that some people are opposed to the village signing off on the new flood maps that will be taking many residents out of the flood zone.

Although we do sympathize with those individuals that were not pulled out, opposing the signing of the new flood maps doesn’t change the fact that they still remain in, but will just place everyone else back in. Does that seem logical? As stated at the meeting with Sen. Charles Schumer and Mayor Ed Fare, those who were not culled out do have resources and the village will help. There is hope.

We totally understand the frustration surrounding this issue. However, by opposing this, we will only be funding the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s foolishness, costing us thousands and placing those who are going to be designated out of the flood zone right back in. I also believe that the village signs off on the new maps, it will help facilitate future endeavors for those who are still in the flood zone.

We realize there are some questions on how FEMA came up with these maps, but we don’t feel it is in the best interests to oppose Mayor Fare from signing off on them. FEMA could just turn around and say to the village, “You had your chance and you blew it,” and we are right back to square one, minus the preferred risk premiums. Then it will be costing us thousands a year. That’s a risk that I don’t think is in the best interest of our residents.

So, we are requesting, for the sake of my family and neighbors, Mayor Fare, please sign off on the maps.

Donny and Cris English

Valley Stream

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my concerns over recent news that some residents of our village are opposing the new FEMA flood maps. I feel, as do many residents and officials in other South Shore communities, that previously designated high-risk flood zones are inaccurate.

Initially, the village signed off on adopting those maps thinking they were acting in our best interest at the time to secure lower insurance rates and premiums. However, FEMA changed our rates to astronomical figures. Mayor Ed Fare and the village board members acted swiftly to correct the problem. We kindly ask for their support again.

As the new flood zone maps have moved some of our village out of the high-risk flood area, I strongly believe that adopting these new maps is an extremely important step toward having other village areas taken out of the flood zone. It is clearly in the best interest of our residents and our village to adopt the new maps, even for those who currently are opposing them. These new maps may facilitate future revisions of inaccurately designated flood zones.

Having two major storms in recent years with no flooding in the high-risk zones proves that some areas simply do no belong in the flood zone.

Luis Rincon

Valley Stream