Students celebrate summer during field days


Students in the Bellmore Public Schools celebrated the end of the academic year and the arrival of summer during the district’s two field days.

Bellmore’s youngest students at the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center took the field on June 4. Third- and fourth-graders at the Winthrop Avenue School celebrated their field day on June 11.

At both events, district officials said children enjoyed a fun-filled day together with their classmates and teachers. Classes were assigned different colors to wear in order to differentiate the teams during the field events.

The students participated in many activities, some of which included relay races, capture the flag, scooter races, kickball, “steal the chicken” and GaGa. At Winthrop Avenue, the students ended their day with a tug-o-war competition between the classes.

At the conclusion of field day activities, medals were awarded to all of the students who participated. The students then enjoyed pizza and ice pops, which were provided by the PTA.