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Letters to the Editor
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The St. Patrick’s Parade is a great day for the Irish: the sun is shining and it’s a great parade. The bagpipers are marching, the fire departments are all cleaned up and participating, the Irish step dancers are performing and the crowd is in a festive mood. Then, towards the end, comes a small group holding a sign representing the Tea Party. I have heard of a block party, house party and even a Tupperware party, but Tea Party? Then it dawned on me: this is that obstructionist group with a political agenda. But it’s the St. Patrick’s parade. Should I have to think about this group of angry people pushing their politics when I am enjoying this fine day? It’s bad enough that we have to put up with it in our political process, but not today.

I thought the parade was to be void of politics and political statements. At least I did not want to deal with it on such an event. Oh well. A pint of Guinness and this too shall pass, but wait until Monday.

Frank Gordon

Rockville Centre


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I feel compelled to remark upon last week's writers assessment of the St. Patrick's Day Parade, particularly in his ignorant statements about the RVC Tea Party's participation in the Parade. The writer referred to the "Tea Party Patriots" as an "Obstructionalist group with a political agenda" (obviously confusing us with the malevolent "Occupy Wall Street ruffians of New York City Park, infamy). The writer further commented about "this group of angry people pushing their politics" and further said "I thought the parade was to be void of politics and political statements".

Let me say that I have been a member of the RVC St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee, since it's inception and was part of the committees who formulated the concept of the Parade which was to Honor the name of St.Patrick, to enjoy the many facets of Irish Culture which in great part developed along with other cultures to form this great and wonderful Country in which we now live. Another aspect of the Parade, far different than most celebrations of St. Patrick's day, was to raise funds for three different Charities each year. Each and every participating element of the parade made donations to those charities. Included was the RVC Tea Party Patriots.

In my position as Lead Judge at every Parade for the past 13 years, , along with 5 other judges peppered along the Parade route this year, we found NO violation of any rules concerning disrespect, rowdy conduct, misbehavior, or any other issue that might be considered offensive to the tenor of the day. Everyone, in spite of the cold and blustery day, enjoyed themselves immensely, (Except of course the one sad person who felt so offended by the Tea Party Patriots that he had to use the Herald to convey his wrath.).The Tea Party in particular marched with American, Irish and Gadsden Flags, and their Tea Party Banner leading their ranks of about 50 people. None of them brandished any 'political signs" whatsoever, nor did I perceive even ONE ANGRY FACE among them.

If there was ANY politics displayed during the Parade, it was that of US Senator Chuck Schumer, who never misses an opportunity to show-boat his presence with signs, bull horns, his intrusive Limo,and no less than 4 brutish escorts defending the Senator from the ire of incensed constituants. Normally, political figures and other dignitaries march at the head of the Parade. But apparently Schumer feels himself above them and marches when and where he feels like it

in complete indifference to Parade Protocols.

The RVC Tea Party Patriots were a fantastic presence in the Parade and have been these passed 3 years. They are present at our Village Memorial Day remembrances, and have made considerable contributions to our Servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to those who have come home from War seeking assistance. Their Patriotic fervor and American spirit uiplifted many along the parade route. We look forward to them coming back for many years in the future.

Eugene P. Clark III

25 North Forest Ave.

Rockville Centre, NY 11570


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