Oktoberfest all year round


The Currywurst Company
10 West Park Ave., Long Beach
(516) 665-3150

According to Lothar Miller from Stuttgart, Germany, currywurst is to a German as a burger is to an American. The Currywurst Company, his new little place in Long Beach, focuses on German beer, sausages, and a good time for all. Totally unique, it’s a German grill, a beer garden, and a spirited place to make friends. Miller has created a menu filled with family recipes, and original wurst blends he created with a spice expert and a sausage maker. Everything he offers is fresh and organic.

Waitresses wear traditional dirndl and it’s not unusual to hear a yodel or song from the kitchen. Two communal tables with benches offer most of the seating, unless you opt for a stool along a counter.

The fellow across me nursed an enormous (two-liter) glass boot filled with beer. Others enjoyed baskets and platters of German favorites. Tiny dipping bowls offered flavored mayo (truffle, chili, smoked paprika or garlic) for the fries, and mustards (raspberry, honey mustards, jalapeno or regular) for the bratwurst. We enjoyed ice-cold wheat beer. Without trying, we were part of a crowd.

Currywurst, served with a roll, is your choice of sausage topped with curry sauce, and toppings (they have six) range from mild to extremely hot. We opted for veal currywurst with “Purple Rain,” quite tasty. Both bratwursts we tried came on fresh rolls with sauerkraut and a side of fries. Thueninger, the German stadium bratwurst, was delicious. Venison bratwurst, made with blueberries and a hint of wine, was outstanding. Wiener Schnitzel, or breaded veal, was tender, served with fries and German potato salad. For the ultimate in comfort food try Kaesspaetzle — homemade spaetzle (noodles) with Emmentaler cheese and caramelized onions, baked to perfection.

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