‘Together we are better’

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Bovino and Russum said they have yet to decide what the $18,500 would be used for, but Russum said, “It will play a role in the recovery and rejuvenation of our school.”

Bottari invited fourth-grader Nicholas Goldstein — who collected more than $1,000 himself by selling more than 45 cases of chocolate — to the lectern to formally present Bovino and Russum with the donation. And Tim Healy, from World’s Finest Chocolate, was on hand to award Goldstein a 1-pound chocolate bar and a $50 Amex gift card.

Finally, Barnum Woods Assistant Principal Amelia Garcia closed the proceedings, urging the students to remember their charitable work as they make their way toward adulthood. “What you did for the Francis X. Hegarty School…,” she said, “we want you to remember moments like this.”

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