East Meadow supports a local superhero


Mahdi Islam, a third-grade student at Bowling Green Elementary School, in Salisbury, is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery for a heart transplant.

To show support, his classmates made him the focus of “Superhero Day” on April 17, celebrating in his honor.

The day began with a mini pep rally in the hallway by Mahdi’s classroom. Students and staff members donated a dollar each and wore a superhero shirt or costume in his honor.

As a special surprise, teacher Christine Reiman used FaceTime to call Mahdi and his father Saidul at the hospital. Mahdi was nearly speechless as Mrs. Reiman walked through the hallway to show him all the forms of support, which included student-created signs of well wishes.

With the video projected onto the classroom Smartboard, Mahdi said hello to his classmates and thanked them for their thoughtful efforts. Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Card Jr., Principal Maria Ciarametaro, Patrice Dobies, the director of special education and pupil personnel services and many others participated in the FaceTime conference. Madhi was thrilled to see that even the Bowling Green bulldog mascot was in attendance.

Meadowbrook Elementary School also held a Superhero Day, as Mahdi is a former student in the building. Both schools raised a total of $4,000 and donations are still being accepted.

“We are here to support Mahdi and wish him and his family the best of luck,” said Principal Maria Ciarametaro. “Everyone in the district and at Bowling Green look forward to Mahdi’s return to school.”

—Brian Stieglitz