Curran: There should be no tax on storm supplies


Amid continuing recconstructing efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Assemblyman Brian Curran (R-Lynbrook) has submitted a bill to waive sales tax on building materials for Sandy victims. Four of the hardest hit communities are in Curran’s 21st Assembly District: East Rockaway, Baldwin, Oceanside and Freeport.

At a meeting of more than 300 people at Meadow School in Baldwin, a residient posed a question to Curran, saying that he had spent all day replacing sheet rock in his home which was damaged by 10-foot ocean swells — and had to pay sales tax on all building materials to make his home livable again. “Why should the state benefit?” the man asked.

“Tragedy and devastation should not be a windfall for sales tax revenue,” said Curran. To make sure that storm victims receive the relief and help they deserve. He has offered a bill to give tax credits to those affected by the storm and who are forced to rebuild their lives.

“My colleagues and I are working hard to make sure that Superstorm Sandy victims are not taken advantage of and get some much-needed relief and respite from the tragedy that befell Long Island,” said Curran.