East Rockaway School superintendent to retire

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She said that, among other things, she is proud of the strong programs for children with special needs that have been created during her tenure, making sure that all students learn how to interact with one another — not just those who are like them. “We have planned and we have implemented and we have reviewed and revised to keep current with research and cultural changes,” she said, “so that children could thrive through academics, the arts and athletics as well as to become good citizens in our society.”

She added, “We come to work every day to try to make someone else’s life better. Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to find out that we have succeeded in doing so.”

Melucci said that although she is happy with her accomplishments as superintendent, she could not have done it alone. “I want to thank all of the members of the current Board of Education, as well as all the previous boards with whom I have worked, for trusting me with the children of your community,” she said. “It was a responsibility that I placed above all others.” She also expressed her appreciation to administrators, teachers, nurses, teacher aides, clerical staff, custodians, food service workers and monitors for all of their hard work, dedication and support throughout the years, saying, “I have truly enjoyed getting to know you, learning from you and working with you.”

“I am filled with gratitude for the body of work she has amassed during her tenure,” said School Board President Kristin Ochtera said of Melucci. “She assumed the post of superintendent during a time of national education reform and a world financial crisis ... she has met each challenge with thoughtful deliberation, conservative budgeting and incredible dedication to our community. It is the result of Dr. Melucci’s forward-minded leadership and her determination to build a team of resourceful administrators, teachers and support staff dedicated to ensuring an educational community that grows stronger every day.”

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