East Rockaway library suffered storm damage


The East Rockaway Public Libary saw the damaging effects of Hurricane Sandy — and they are now in the recovery process. And the folks at the library are rallying to see that it gets done.

“The library took in about two inches of water throughout the building,” said Director Betty Charvat. “The books didn’t get wet, but they have to be treated because of a potential mold issue.” Charvat said that the staff went in every day to open the building, air it out and clean it up, hauling large amounts of garbage outside of its back doors. They are there most days from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or “until it gets too cold.”

New carpeting had to be ordered, and that alone may take four weeks for delivery and installation. “So it should be about a month [until we can open]” said Charvat.

All books can be returned after January 2, and books can still returned at the rear book drop.

“The Lynbrook Library has graciously made East Rockaway patrons Lynbrook patrons, and will be treated as one of them.” Charvat said that they tried to get space to “set up shop” because as of press time, they had no heat or electricity, but that nothing is available in the village. The phone lines are up at the library if you have any questions.