Letter to the Editor

Facts wrong in anti-union letter


To the Editor:

I don’t know if Richard Creeron deliberately misleads the public or he is just misinformed. In his letter to the Herald (“Union control is too strong,” Sept. 6-12), he wrongly states that the Taylor law and the Triborough law “enabled the government employees and the unions to get what they wanted through binding arbitration.” With few exceptions, the only municipal workers in New York that have the right to go to binding arbitration are police officers and firefighters. The arbitrator is not picked, as Mr. Creeron states, “by the union.” Both sides are sent a list of arbitrators and must agree on one.

The Triborough Doctrine states in part that if a contract expires, it stays in effect until a new one is in place. How else would you get the sides to sit down and negotiate? Finally, if he thinks the Nassau and Suffolk police departments have parity, he hasn’t looked lately.

Richard Conlon

Valley Stream