Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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  Presiding over Justice Court, Justice Siegel uses his experience as a jurist to help village residents become better neighbors. His hands-on approach maintains a fair and impartial justice court that defendants and residents expect and deserve. It’s also a reassuring comfort people don’t expect to find in a courtroom.

  Many East Rockaway residents don’t know that Judge Siegel is highly qualified for his job. This is why I support him for re-election. When not in court, he is a defense attorney in private practice, focusing on medical malpractice and other complex negligence actions, as well as criminal law. When he was an assistant district attorney in Queens County many years ago, he served in the Special Victims Unit, trying several murder cases. One of his cases made it to TV on the show “Law and Order.”

  Judge Siegel has lived in East Rockaway with his family for over a decade. And he continually gives back, helping residents seeking advice, trying to resolve matters without a drastic sentencing and working to further others’ rights. As a founder of the non-profit Filipino-American Legal Defense Fund, Judge Siegel helps people suffering from legal injustices, many of whom are often unable to engage legal aid and assistance on account of poverty.

  Steven Siegel is exactly who we need in Justice Court. He is a model neighbor who does our community proud on the bench. Join me in returning him to his seat in this year’s election.

Gordon Fox
East Rockaway

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