Long Island Cares visits East Rockaway

Needed supplies handed out at Rec Department


Long Island Cares, presented by Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman Anthony Santino of the Town of Hempstead visited the East Rockaway Recreation Center on Saturday.

“Many families throughout Bay Park, Angle Sea and East Rockaway are still suffering severely from the effects of Hurricane Sandy,” said Santino, who organized the event. “As a community we must stand together until every home is rebuilt and every broken spirit is put back together. I was honored to join with Supervisor Kate Murray and Mayor Fran Lenahan to bring Long Island cares to our community. We will continue to do whatever it takes to help those who remain in need.”

The mission of Long Island Cares is to bring together all available resources for the benefit of the hungry on Long Island. Our Vision is “A Hunger-Free Long Island. They provide emergency food where and when it is needed, sponsors programs that help families achieve self-sufficiency, and educates the general public about the causes and consequences of hunger on Long Island. They will also be providing supplies to all residents who were affected by the storm.