Lynbrook PTA Joint Council makes presentation

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Additional support is provided through academic intervention services in the form of push-in and pull-out instruction, extra help, co-teaching, middle school and high school labs, and counseling. The district has also been successfully utilizing Response to Intervention, a multi-tiered approach to identifying students who are not responding to regular classroom instruction, giving them increasing levels of instructional needed.

Attendees also received a detailed explanation of the role of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, a consortium of states, including New York, that are working together to develop a common set of K-12 assessments in ELA and math. The consortium’s ultimate goal is to ensure that classroom instruction is effectively preparing students for college and careers.

The presentation concluded with an explanation of the Annual Professional Performance Review plan adopted by the district. The district’s APPR plan, developed in cooperation with the Lynbrook Teachers Association, was designed to meet state guidelines for assessing teacher performance without adding the burden of additional assessments for students.

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