Vets must wait for school tax break

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“This goes way beyond a date or deadline,” said former Lynbrook VFW Commander Pat Cardone. “This is just political strategy — and [it] says that the County or school district has no regard for the vote of an American service member or their family. It says to me that they feel they don’t need our vote to win the next election … but they are mistaken.”

Cardone added that the Lynbrook board may have “woken a sleeping giant.”

“Veterans, and those who appreciate veterans, are pissed,” he said. “The veterans here at Post No. 2307 have quietly supported this community through a lot. We supported the students in the district unconditionally, and we never asked for any accolades. We’ll continue to support our community despite what six people who were elected to a school board might think is best for the rest of us. Those same six people might not be around in the next few years. Those who leave Lynbrook and Nassau County to chose to fight for our nation should be able to come home and live and raise a family.”

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