Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

May 2-8, 2013


East Rockaway is moving forward

To the Editor:
As a member of the community, I had been assisting the Lenahan administration in its efforts to help East Rockaway recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. After being sworn in as a village trustee earlier this month, I have redoubled my efforts.
Despite the multitudes of homes and properties that were flooded or irrevocably damaged, I am excited to see East Rockaway is on the road back to the hustling and bustling village that we remember.
There are several capital improvement projects either under way or on the horizon, in addition to our new property maintenance ordinance. The village will unveil a great volunteer initiative for young adults to help us help our neighbors. All of these programs are designed to assist our residents and improve quality of life here in the village — a cause that has unwavering support from this administration.
I am eternally grateful to the outpouring of support I received at the polls in the election. The campaign I ran with Deputy Mayor Bruno Romano and Village Justice Steven Siegel, both members of the mayor’s team, spoke to our priorities and dreams for this village. Even in an uncontested election, 729 residents came out to support us in what I would call a great supportive effort.
I look forward to working hard with Mayor Lenahan and our team to keep moving East Rockaway forward post-Sandy, while providing top-notch governmental services that our neighbors have come to expect from this administration.

Theresa Gaffney
Trustee, Village of East Rockaway

Congratulations to Mary Malloy

To the Editor:
Congratulations, Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald Editor Mary Malloy, on being chosen by the East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce and its board members as Woman of the Year for 2012-13.
Your efforts on behalf of the entire Richner Communications family have certainly earned you this distinction in East Rockaway and the surrounding communities. You are a very valuable member of the entire South Shore, and I wish you well as you continue to serve.

Brian Curran
Assemblyman, 21st District


Camp scholarships for Sandy’s child victims

To the Editor:

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