Letters to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (Feb. 28-March 6)


PBA endorses New Vision Party for re-election

To the Editor,

The Lynbrook Police Benevolent Association, an organization representing the 48 sworn members of the Lynbrook Police Department, proudly endorses the New Vision Party team of Mayor Alan Beach and Trustees Robert Boccio and Ann Marie Reardon for re-election on March 19.

The candidates have proven their commitment to keeping residents safe by maintaining a fully staffed Police Department and providing its members with the necessary equipment to do the job correctly and safely.

Their commitment to public safety has led the National Council for Home Safety and Security to designate Lynbrook as one of the safest places to live in the state, a designation that the members of the PBA are proud to be a part of.

Since unexpectedly becoming mayor after the sudden death of Mayor William Hendrick, Beach has risen to the occasion and proven to be a strong and effective leader who can often be found at the scenes of public safety incidents, coordinating the village’s response. His years of experience as a member of the FDNY have prepared him well for this task, and we see no reason why he should not be given the opportunity to continue to lead our village.

On March 19, we ask residents to ensure that Lynbrook remains one of the safest places to live by re-electing the New Vision Party.

Joseph M. Cipolla, president of the Lynbrook Police Benevolent Association

Mayor Beach owes me an apology

To the Editor:

Recently, there was an anonymous social media account that threatened me, my family and the opponents of the Cornerstone proposal, as covered in the Herald article “Photo of gunman on Facebook sparks Lynbrook political debate” (Feb. 21-27).

There is no denying that a man, depicted with a semi-automatic rifle, appeared on the Lynbrook Reporter Facebook page. The page, which was banned by Facebook, had the sole goal of attacking me. I do not know who was behind it.

I filed a police report as a result, and the district attorney is looking into it. It is only a matter of time before the coward who posted this is unmasked. I never once blamed my opponent, Mayor Alan Beach, or mentioned his name.

When Beach was asked for his opinion on the matter, he not only failed to take gun violence seriously, or denounce the terrible message that this post sent, but he ignored the post completely and attacked me. He made the outlandish accusation that I am somehow the one who posted this and threatened my own family. 

Beach has quite the imagination. This bizarre conspiracy theory that he conjured up is disturbing and disrespectful. I demand an apology to my wife and family, who have been living in fear.

Do you think that the politics of fear and violence have a place in Lynbrook? I do not, and I refuse to allow this new low to become a new normal. 

Shame on you, Alan Beach. Denounce this threat and apologize. This should give every voter serious pause about Beach’s fitness to serve as mayor. 

Hilary Becker, Lynbrook deputy mayor