Elmont to receive federal funding from block grant


Elmont is one of three towns set to receive part of $3 million in Federal Community Development Block Grant funds. Elmont, in addition to Uniondale and Roosevelt, will share the funds for what County Executive Ed Mangano referred to on Sept. 24 as town-wide “commercial and residential improvements.” The funds will be allocated towards beautification of the towns, which will include improvements to commercial building facades and helping to eliminate code violations in homes.

Elmont will exclusively receive $100,000 for improvements in the Argo Theater-Jamaica Square area and $250,000 for beautification and repair of other surrounding public facilities. Elmont will share $1.12 million among Uniondale and Roosevelt for residential rehabilitation, $542,000 for general management and coordination of community development activities, $480,035 for commercial rehabilitation and $90,000 for economic development projects.

“These federal funds will help the Town of Hempstead with major infrastructure,” Mangano said.

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray was delighted with the awarded funding and hopeful that they would help make the communities more appealing.

“From downtown beautification projects to the construction of affordable homes,” Murray said, “Hempstead Town is working hard to make great communities even better.”