In the new year, we resolve . . .


After a tumultuous year that featured endless political gridlock in Washington, continuing turmoil around the world and the usual mix of school news, business, politics, drama and comedy on the local scene, we once again asked prominent — and not-so-prominent — members of our communities to suggest some New Year’s resolutions for 2014.

“We resolve to stand united, side by side with the residents of Long Beach, as we continue to rebuild stronger, smarter and safer — until everyone comes home.”
Scott J. Mandel, president, Long Beach City Council

“The 10 pounds we’re trying to lose aren’t the result of one big meal. Small choices along the way took us down an unhealthy path. Just as small choices got us where we are, small choices can get us where we want to go. Resolve to make small changes in your spiritual, physical and emotional health.”
— Rabbi Dahlia Bernstein, Bellmore Jewish Center

“I resolve to try to be an ever better and kinder father to my children (with a fourth on the way), a better husband to my wife and a better son to my father.”
— State Assemblyman Brian Curran, Lynbrook

“I want people to make certain that no person in the world, young or old, goes hungry.”
— Martin Oliner, mayor of Lawrence

“Resolve to shop locally.”
— Debbi Gyulay, president, Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce

“Follow the example of the ‘speaking tradition’ at Washington & Lee University, where people regularly say hello to one another, no matter where they are. For a visiting New Yorker, at first it seems a bit odd, but it grows on you quickly and makes for a friendlier and happier experience. We should go out of our way to say hello to one another wherever we might be about town.”
— Anthony Iovino, Oceanside 2013 Person of the Year

“Eat healthier foods, exercise more, take an active role in managing your health, and remember: everything in moderation!”
— Shelley Lotenberg, director of public affairs, Nassau University Medical Center

“Celebrities should resolve not to have their tongues out when being photographed. And I’d love to see everyone resolve to gain weight, so I that I could look thin. And resolve to spend more of your day laughing then complaining.”
— Robyn Schall, comedian and Hewlett native

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