More local students earning advanced Regents diplomas

Sewanhaka District’s year-to-year increase nearly identical to Long Island’s


The State Education Department last week reported that more than half of graduating seniors in the class of 2013 across Long Island — 53.6 percent — received Regents Diplomas with Advanced Designation, up from 47.7 percent in 2012. Comparatively, Sewanhaka Central High School District has exhibited very similar numbers to those islandwide figures, according to Dr. Cheryl Champ, the district’s assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

The total percentage of students who received advanced Regents diplomas in 2013 throughout the district’s five high schools — H. Frank Carey, Elmont Memorial, Sewanhaka, Floral Park Memorial and New Hyde Park Memorial — is 53 percent, up from 49 percent in 2012, Champ told the Herald. The total percentage of students throughout the district who received Regents diplomas for 2012 and 2013 is 96 percent. Champ said that those numbers can be attributed to the district’s constant dedication to improving programs for its students.

“As a district, we have made curricular and programmatic adjustments to provide support so more students can access higher level courses and achieve at higher levels,” Champ said. “We are proud of the work of our staff and students, and we will continue to strive for even greater success.”

Collectively, Long Island figures for 2013 are nearly 16 percent higher than the state’s of 37.4 percent, up from 29.9 percent in 2012.

Students earn an advanced Regents diploma by passing state Regents exams in trigonometry and geometry, in addition to an algebra exam, which is required of all students except those who are disabled. They must also pass a second Regents science exam. Many students are also required to pass a foreign language exam.

Champ added that each of the district’s five buildings have been working to increase the number of students achieving advanced Regents diplomas as one of many academic goals.