Pair of primaries for new Assembly district

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Vicente pledged to support more gun legislation to make it tougher for criminals to get firearms, and she said she wants more green jobs and more grant opportunities for small businesses. “We need to make it easier for businesses to thrive here,” she said, “and attract more businesses and entrepreneurs to set up shop in our local downtowns and business corridors.”

D’Annunzio sees similar issues in the district, and said he is particularly concerned about the gradual increase in crime. He said he would work with the county and villages to increase police presence. School budgets cuts also concern him, he said, and he added that he would fight for more dollars for local districts. “It is imperative for our children to be able to receive the education that they deserve living in our great country,” he said.

The lack of health care for many New Yorkers concerns him, D’Annunzio said, and he wants the minimum wage to be increased. He said the state government should do more to create green jobs and offer programs to retrofit homes to be more energy-efficient.

Polls will be open on Sept. 13 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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