Solages focuses on bipartisanship upon return to seat

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Solages’ opponent, Naomie Jean-Philippe, 25, also of Elmont, will soon sit for her bar exam as she completes law school next year, and hopes to be working as a litigation associate next Fall. She told the Herald that she learned a great deal from her campaign run and vowed to be a public servant in the future.

“My interest to serve the public has not waned,” she said. “I had much to learn from this legislative candidacy. I learned that execution is everything [and] the importance of having a physical presence in the community. This was indeed a very exciting and worthwhile experience. I am optimistic that the political process will be more inclusive of those who need help the most with less of a focus on political parties.”

As Solages gets set for his second stint, he has vowed to remain as vocal as he always has been, in attempts to bring about positive change.

“I have no choice but to assume that the parties will start to work well together,” he said. “If they do not, I am not going to be bashful about calling out those who are to blame. If they do work together, I will not be hesitant to compliment those who do.”

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