New leaders take the reigns at EMFD


In another chapter of the East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department, Philip Fertitta of Engine Company 1 accepted the Oath of Office as the 69th Chief of the Department in our rich 88-year history.

Amid a full crowd, chiefs and company officers alike gathered on April 7 at noon to officially mark the new office of leaders. Commissioner Scott Farber led the ceremony and spoke from his heart about the dedication of our organization in a time where volunteer organizations have to work harder with less.

In the first order of business, outgoing Chief of Department Joseph Lennon took the opportunity to speak about his four years as a fire chief offering his gratitude to members, family, and friends for all their support during his term.

Fertitta, a firefighter of more than 21 years and a five-time captain of Engine Company 1 with three years of assistant chief under his belt, raised his right hand and made his promise to our membership, community, and the State of New York.

Next up to the podium was Commissioner William Neill to swear in First Assistant Chief Eric Becker. In his tribute, Commissioner Neill spoke of the incredible career of a man who retired years earlier as the best of the best in the NYPD Emergency Service Unit, now continuing an incredible volunteer career of nearly 40 years protecting our residents.

Commissioner Scott Farber next swore in Second Assistant Chief James Walsh, a 26-year member of Hook & Ladder Co. 1 and now entering his third year in the chief’s office, brings much firefighting expertise to the table. Commissioner Farber spoke highly of a long-term friendship as Walsh, his son James at his side, raised his right hand and repeated the Oath of Office.

To round out our chief’s office, Commissioner Farber called upon our new Third Assistant Chief Paul Kosiba to accept the Oath of Office. Farber spoke of great anticipation for the firefighter and EMS abilities Kosiba has demonstrated in his 24 years with Engine Co. 4.

Chief of Department Philip Fertitta then took command and filled out his lineup of Fire and Rescue officers for the year 2018-2019.

As in every year, notably present this year were 13 ex chiefs of the past, many of whom are still active and remember this special day of their own as if it were yesterday. Proudly, a strong show of support to a very dedicated chief’s office and our seven companies of line officers.

We would like to take this time to congratulate our 2018-2019 Officers of the East Meadow Fire Department. All the very best for a safe and successful year. In addition to Fertitta, Becker, Walsh and Kosiba, the EMFD officers for the 2018-19 year include Recording Secretary John Priest, Correctional Secretary Keith Hoffman, Treasurer Robert Salvesen and Sergeant at Arms David Paganini.

Engine Company 1 is Captain James Kane, First Lieutenant Brian McGee Second Lieutenant Ralph Moniello, Recording Secretary John Malik, Corresponding Secretary Vincent Nocella, Treasurer Michael Mongello Sr. and Sergeant at Arms Christopher Mongello.

Engine Company 2 is Captain Michael Smith, First Lieutenant Andrew Carlson, Second Lieutenant Michael Moniello, Recording Secretary Henry Meyer, Corresponding Secretary Andrew Gavilanes, Treasurer Raymond L'Hommedieu and

Sergeant at Arms Fred Morgana.

Engine Company 3 is Captain Patrick Macaulay, First Lieutenant Bryan Cullen, Second Lieutenant Rocky Ritter, Recording Secretary Frank Pollicino, Corresponding Secretary Robert Grigonis, Treasurer James Aspenleiter and Sergeant at Arms Craig Euler.

Engine Company 4 is Captain Michael Krause, First Lieutenant Brian Messina, Second Lieutenant Atik Mehta, Recording Secretary Patrick Taranto, Corresponding Secretary Jeff Rosenthal, Treasurer Richard Cardoza and Sergeant at Arms Thomas Tergesen.

Rescue Company 5 is Captain Max Solomon, First Lieutenant Michael Strauber, Second Lieutenant Sebastian Janiec, Recording Secretary Alba Dougherty Corresponding Secretary Ross Schiller and Treasurer Robin Fitzpatrick.

Ladder Company 1 is Captain John Bohl, First Lieutenant Robert McGee, Second Lieutenant John Bohl, Recording Secretary Robert Longabardi, Corresponding Secretary John O'Brien Sr and Treasurer James Callahan.

Ladder Company 2 is Captain Peter S. Cheswick, First Lieutenant John Schriener, Second Lieutenant Damien Chin-Sang, Recording Secretary Joseph Packard, Corresponding Secretary Joseph Sicuerlla, Treasurer Terence Reilly and Sergeant at Arms Jose B. Fuentes

Captain Keith Hoffman represents the 6 1 5 5 Squad and Captain Zachary Ludewig and Lieutenant Ashley Veccione represent the 6 1 9 9 Squad.

John J. O'Brien is an active Ex Chief of the East Meadow Fire Department. He is the District Supervisor of the Jericho Fire District and has over 30 years of Dispatch and Supervisory experience.