Coliseum proposers deliver final pitch

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Speaking last, New York Sports and Entertainment President Bernard Shereck emphasized his Bayville roots as he detailed his plan to create an affordable, family-friendly arena. “My goal and dream has been to bring hockey and other sports and entertainment to Long Island,” he said, “at family-affordable ticket prices.”

The Long Island Real Estate Group was formed in 2004 to encourage networking among area real estate developers. Since its inception, it has donated more than $670,000 to real estate-related projects undertaken by Long Island charities. Sam Yedid, a co-president of the organization, said it was important for local developers to hear the proposals firsthand. “We thought it would be good to get it to the commercial real estate community,” he said.

Yedid said he is pleased with the quality of developers who have stepped up to revamp the 41-year-old Uniondale complex. “It’s needed so badly,” he said. “Just the fact that we’re getting attention from the biggest professionals in the area is very exciting for Nassau County.”

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