Easter message

Easter assures us that life is a precious blessing


He Is Risen! Jesus is alive. He has been raised from the dead. From the first declaration of this magnificent event from Mary of Magdala 2,000 years ago, to the proclamation we hear in the Gospel read at Mass on Easter, generations have given thanks to God for the Glory shown in the Resurrection.

Life is so precious. The value of life is in debate throughout our country and our world. Yet, life should never be debated. The most precious gift God gives is the human life. Yet life is in peril in very unfortunate ways: terrorism, religious fanaticism, war, abortion, capital punishment, crime, drug abuse, disease, famine, ethnic cleansing; the list goes on. Who could blame us if we fail to find any hope with terrible circumstances such as these?

As Catholic Christians though, we have a reason for hope, even if it seems impossible. Our reason for hope is the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus, the only Son of God, who did not exempt Himself from any aspect of the human condition, except sin. He who is sinless, takes upon himself the sinfulness of humanity, to show there is hope.

Sin, Death, the crosses we bear, will not be victorious! Christ’s victory over the Cross assures us of this. For Christ is victorious over sin. Christ is victorious over death. Christ is victorious over the Cross. We give glory to God for this victory in Christ’s Resurrection, and His willingness to share this victory with sinful humanity.

Easter is proof that in the heart of God life is precious. Every human life, at every stage, in every form, is significant. Of this there is no debate. Even when all seems lost, the grace of God’s gift of human life was the reason for the life of Christ, for His death on the Cross, and victory over death in the Resurrection.

May we become more aware of the importance of our lives, and the lives of all people, from conception to natural death, during this joyous Easter season. May the Risen Lord continue to bless you and your families.