Electing special district commissioners

Treasurer becomes an appointed position in Hewlett Bay


Elections for fire district commissioners were held in Atlantic Beach, Inwood, Hewlett Bay, Woodmere and Meadowmere on Dec. 11.

All commissioners were running unopposed. All terms are five years except for the three-year commissioner term for the Greater Atlantic Beach Water Reclamation Project.

Atlantic Beach — Jeffrey Trott defeated write-in candidate Todd Siegel 30-19.

Greater Atlantic Beach Water Reclamation Project - Scott Mason collected 81 votes.

Hewlett Bay - Pat Tudda earned 29 votes. The proposition making the district treasurer an an appointed position instead of elected received 20 votes for approval. It becomes effective on Jan, 1, 2015.

Inwood - Mark Rolon garnered 130 votes. There were also 15 write-in votes for three different candidates.

Woodmere - David Miller received 132 votes.

Meadowmere - Ed Samuelson got 37 votes.

North Lawrence — Vincent Leone collected 10 votes.