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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Guidance toward making the right choices
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Lauren Dana
Hewlett High School

It’s scary to think that classmates would harm themselves in such a way. By observing Red Ribbon Week, it served as the perfect opportunity to warn and educate students on how drugs could negatively and tragically affect them.

It is crucial to ask ourselves the following: What if someone we know becomes one of the 1,400 teens who die from drug-related causes? We must be proactive, not reactive. The ultimate goal is to ensure that we work together as a community to continue keeping classmates safe and away from drugs.

SADD strongly emphasizes and urges students to make good choices and be responsible. Teenagers aren’t invincible, so why would they do things and “experiment” with various drugs and substances which can ultimately lead to their demise? If we — not just as an afterschool club, but also as a school — can do anything at all to steer teens away from the path of drug abuse, it is our mission to help assist and guide teens to a clear, safe path.

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