New faces for new Assembly seat

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Solages: In order to bring more business into the district, government officials should put more emphasis on small businesses. I believe that small businesses are vital to this community. Simply stated, small businesses are the backbone of our community. By increasing the amount of small businesses, we widen the tax base and decrease the tax burden on the homeowners which is essential for those who are on fixed incomes like our seniors. I would also support incentives that enhance the development and growth of small businesses. For example, I would call upon the state Legislature to provide incentives for businesses that hire unemployed New Yorkers. Small businesses would create jobs in our community. The more people that work, the bigger our tax base.

Herald: Do you have a vision for how Belmont Park should be developed?

Solages: When Belmont Park opened in 1905, it transformed this community from a farming town to a sprawling suburb. I believe that once again, Belmont Park has the ability to revitalize its surrounding communities. For example, Belmont Park and Penn Station are approximately 30 minutes from each other via Long Island Rail Road. Belmont Park has several train platforms and large parking lots to accommodate hundreds of commuters a day. Therefore, Belmont has the ability to become a main transportation hub for the residents of our community. However, I also believe that impact studies should be performed before any development occurs at Belmont Park. This will ensure that we develop the area in a responsible and appropriate manner.

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