Renewing their vows, reaffirming their love


Among the nearly dozen couples who were severely affected by Hurricane Sandy and came from the Town of Hempstead’s south shore to Island Park to renew their wedding vows on Valentine’s Day were Edward and Ruth Samuelson of Meadowmere Park.

The couple, who married on Aug. 27, 1967, took part in the ceremonies conducted by Town Supervisor Kate Murray at the Bridge-view Yacht Club.

Ruth had left her native Ireland and at 21 was working one of her first jobs in Manhattan when she was introduced to a young man who worked for a rival company at a building across the street.

Attraction and affection took hold and three years after meeting they married. A search for their dream home led them to Meadowmere Park. More than 45 years later the proud couple revels in their family of three children and two grandchildren.

They have served their community as fire district commissioners and leaders in the civic association.

Despite the fact that every Meadowmere Park home flooded in Sandy, the spirit of this community remains strong, thanks to people like the Samuelsons and their everlasting love.

Meadowmere Park is a storybook island surrounded by sometimes raging waters and Edward and Ruth Samuelson’s love has provided an island of strength and tranquility as the tumultuous seas of storm recover have swirled around them.