Hewlett Happenings

Savoring the school year’s final days


Although it is a rare occurrence for Hewlett High School students to be able to wear shorts and tank tops to school, it is still May time. The school year is nearing its end as school activities, clubs and sports are completed. Hewlett High students are constantly being reminded of the idea that the school year is ending and it is now appropriate to think about what lies ahead in the upcoming year. For freshmen, sophomores and juniors, there are new experiences. For seniors, there’s the advent of college and new opportunities.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society will be host its end of the year recital on May 22. The students involved have begun preparing for their performances and Tri-M’s executive board members have started planning for the induction ceremony in June. Currently hanging on the walls of the high school are signs displaying the candidates for next year’s student council. Key Club members also participated in Camp Anchor under the mushrooms at Lido Beach this past Saturday as its last major event of the year. On May 7 was the Science Research Symposium, which enabled research department students to proudly share their completed projects. I enjoyed presenting my social science research work and learning about others’ work as well.

However quickly the school reaching is coming to an end, Hewlett students are still inundated with activities and school work. Students in Youth Leadership are actively contributing to the lives of our local Hewlett-Woodmere community and women in Ethiopia. Youth Leadership Forum students have raised money for the Fistula Foundation, which is dedicated to raising awareness of obstetric fistula treatment and prevention programs around the world. A fistula is a hole that develops between the birth canal and one or more of a woman’s organs when giving birth. Students have acquired enough money to fund three women’s fistula surgeries, a very impressive accomplishment. One of several ongoing Youth Leadership projects.

Youth Leadership has also collaborated with the music department to organize for the upcoming Memorial Day Parade. Students involved in the high school’s extracurricular clubs and activities will hold an attractive banner in the parade while the marching band and dance team members will perform. After the parade, the high school will host a community gathering.

Many Hewlett students have been busy with their academics as well, for this past week was the start of advanced placement (AP) exams. Many students, especially seniors, will be sitting for many of these long exams. I know that many of my peers and I leave these tests exhausted, with pen ink all over our sore hands, wanting nothing more than to take a refreshing nap. The ending of AP exams signals a very rewarding and exciting time, reminding students that the demands of school are gradually lessening. An especially exhilarating day at school was May 1 when seniors proudly sported their college apparel. As a senior, it was fun to see where all my peers will be heading next year based on their clothes. Younger students also enjoyed noticing the seniors’ spirited outfits in the hallways and learning, which colleges and universities the seniors had decided to attend.

In and out of the halls of Hewlett High there are plenty other reminders that the school year is reaching its end. It is important to savor the last days of the school year while they last.